Somehow you have arrived at this page. So welcome. It’s good to have you here.
First of all, let me explain - Jilly Gibson is my pseudonym. It is the name I use for writing. Writing blogs, writing articles, and E-Books. It is quite common for people to write under a different name. And if you can have two names or more why not!
Shirley Caldwell is my name, I live in Lancashire in the northwest of England, UK.
My Coaching Experience:
Experience as a Life Coach
I qualified as a Life Coach 20 years ago. I am also an NLP Practitioner and use these skills as well in my coaching business. What do I do? Well, it all depends on what the client has contacted me for help with.
It has become very common for people to contact me simply being unable to cope with the situation that is happening in their lives.
I specialize in helping people adapt and cope with issues that have become more challenging in recent years. Many people need help in dealing with issues that have become stressful. I teach people how to avoid stressful situations, and build up their self-esteem and confidence so they are better able to cope with the things which will continue to be a part of their lives. Except in the future that which was a `problem’ they no longer see as a problem; they will have developed techniques and ways of doing things better.
Some other issues
· Some people need help to get themselves a better job
· Some people need help, to be honest, and straightforward in their relationship with their partner
· Whatever the issue is, my skills and gifts as a Life Coach invariably help people to find a solution.
I am particularly strong in helping people learn to create what it is that they do want, rather than keep talking about what their issues are. Life is invariable `not easy’ I don’t recall a time when it was. However, refusing the take action or do any work on improving your life is very very common. A small percentage of people are actually prepared to do anything to improve their situation….maybe you are one of those!
It has always been that way – just a few people reach out and get help to move past their problems. My clients are made up of special individuals.
`Working with Shirley was the best time of my life I finally got to understand what was happening to me…Shirley helped sort the stuff out in my head and things are much better now’…..Michael, Bradford, UK
`I had got the qualification I wanted, but I wasn’t making any money. I was just stuck and wasn’t going anywhere. I heard that Shirley was the person who could help. So I began to work with her. Within a couple of weeks, I had a plan of what to do next – we agreed what the next steps were and I actually began to make things happen. Having to be accountable to my coach was a great motivator for me actually taking action. Shirley is a great help, and continues to be just that.’
Jill, Lancaster, UK.
The later, Greater years eBook helps to 
Re-invent yourself into an Amazing woman.
The Later Great Years 
How Any Woman Can Redesign Herself To Be More Confident, Love Life, And Look And Feel Great at 50, 60, 70 And Beyond.
In This book, I will Teach you
✅ Look and feel really good in any situation, no matter where you are or who you're with.
✅Feel confident and come across as a happy and fulfilled person.
✅Keep your life both fun and active... with you never again having to hold back because of how you feel or look.
✅Find a new lover, (or wake up an old one)! - Men will notice you with these tips, so get used to it!
✅Feel a genuine thrill when you sense what you have achieved with yourself.
✅Surprise your family, friends, and colleagues with the revitalized new you!
The Later Great Years.....
Chapter 1 – What Makes You Happy
To lead a happy, successful, and fulfilled life, it is advisable to look at the following different areas of your life. Try and answer, as truthfully as you can, whether you are fulfilled in these areas of your life or whether you want changes. 
Chapter 2 – Healthy Body Image
Is your body healthy or do you want to change some things? Be honest with yourself. Do you feel comfortable with your size?
Do you have bags of energy?
Chapter 3 – The Golden Rule To Being Classy
Style is achieved when color, clothes, accessories as well as makeup are perfectly coordinated. The golden rule is always - "Less is More"
Chapter 4 – Color Analysis
The color analyst works on the four seasons of the year, and each of these seasons represents a collective shade of colors.
Chapter 5 – Wardrobe Rejuvenation
There are unlimited possibilities and taking up a pastime that up until now you have not had enough time to pursue also provides you with the opportunity to meet new people.
And Many More Bonus Tips ..............
“Later Great Years : Self Motivation Strategies for Women How to Achieve Your Goals to Transform Every Aspect of Life ”
You're covered for a full 60 Days. If for any reason you decide that this program is not for you, simply drop me an email and let me know and I'll give you a refund...every penny, without questions, without hassles. This is a completely risk-free offer.
Our Happy Customers 
Very practical and inspiring book
“To become more sure of yourself and continue to retain that confidence can sometimes be hard. This book is the answer. Ready tips and a plan that really works, which is what every woman need”

Emily Grant, Content Writer
Positive and practical
“Getting yourself in shape and retaining that feel-good factor isn't always easy. This book is an excellent guide on where to start. You will not be disappointed in this E-book which is crammed full of tips, structured guidance, and `can do achievability”

Rachel Robinson, Administrator at Real Estate
A must read book!
“This book is everything you need to start your own transformation journey. Jen’s book is to the point and no sugar coating. The book makes you really think about your goals in life. How to achieve them and/or what is keeping you from reaching them. I love that she has you doing writing exercises. This book is about your whole being! ”

 Kristin Duvall, Home Maker 
So How much will you need to invest to receive all these goodies?
Well, I currently charge my clients $139 (£100) per hour to consult with me and it takes at least 7 consulting hours to teach and coach my clients all the information contained in this ebook.
A client would have to pay me approximately $1,600 (£1,050) to receive all this information.
However, the reason I wrote this book was so I could help many more to Re-invent yourself into an amazing woman.
I am really passionate and motivated to help you to be More Confident, Love Life, And Look And Feel Great at 50, 60, 70 And Beyond.
Therefore, for a limited time, I am willing to let you have the ‘The later great Year’ e-book and with all the bonus material for just $27.
Yes, just $27.00!
It really is a no-brainer! A tiny investment for such as great reward, clear skin!
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